If this is the first time you enter this blog is because you are another victim of Steven Bodzin.

This professional setting up fake stories using his credentials as a journalist, has obtained illicit money through his abilities to blackmail companies.

According to our records, this guy is from California and will be judged under California laws for extortion, but h has been hiding all around South America. Interpol will cooperate in the prosecution in order to extradite him back.
Well studied, with American nationality and using false credentials in his travels , he has lived and specializes in Latin American countries. He finds critical data  (usually private and personal information of his victims) through his ‘informants’, and constructs post for his blogs or news pages.

You don’t have to be a criminal law expert or a lawyer to understand that crimes are often committed for one of two reasons: Money, or revenge, or both.

Generally, blackmail is when someone threatens to “go public” with damaging information unless the victim gives the blackmailer something, usually money. Under laws of some states, including New York, blackmail goes by the name “extortion.” In other states, however, extortion is different from blackmail. In these states, extortion is when someone forces another person to do something or give up something value by threatening that person with physical injury or death, and in this case to publish defamation information in his blog.

We think that his sister, Lianna Bodzin (well known for her skills in computer science) assist him on technological issues. He has a journalist friend, Alek Boyd, which handles the same codes and the same way of writing, is suspected of complicity with Steven and with a quick search on google you will find tons of inform against his operations.

We suggest to be very careful when dealing with these criminals, fake reporters, they are linked with many people doing exactly the same professional manner, often operate by phone and sending many intrigue emails.

If you are a victim , here you will find a guide on how to report a Blackmailer ?

For the victim, it’s best not to give to the blackmailer and come clean. If you pay up, there’s no guarantee that the blackmailer still won’t go public with the damaging information, and it’s likely he’ll come back again and again asking for more and more money. Refuse to pay off the blackmailer and then go public with the information yourself.
Complaint and denounce these information gangsters!

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Hector Contreras R.
from New York